No news are good news

Since summer 2013 FATCA is keeping us busy and we work closely with competent experts on the upcoming issues. The banks are asking for more paperwork every day in order to understand who is behind a bank account. Form triumphs over contents, unfortunately.

We are moving ahead in a complex world!

New Information
1 July 2013

More competence added
Alain Gass joins our team. More than 15 years back he was already in Walter Huber's team in Basle. We are very happy to have him back as a resting pole in our office.

New Information
1 June 2007

Partner-Team strengthened
On 1st of June Ms Renata Pellegrino, Swiss certified Fiduciary and TEP joined Huber Partner as Partner A hearty welcome to Renata as well as to the new clients.